Which fittings are available for LED lights/ lighting?

For LED bulbs more than 100 fittings are possible. Here is some additional explanation of some of the most common fittings.

LED Spotlights

  • The GU10 fitting has a bayonet connection, these are 2 pins that can easily be connected. Mainly this connection is used for downlights.
  • GU5.3 fitting or MR16 fitting has a plug base or bipin base. The distance between the pins is indicated in the name of the fitting, i.e. 5.33 mm distance between the pins where the pins have a diameter of 1.56 mm. This fitting is often used in small spotlight bulbs and connected to a transformer as these bulbs need to be connected to 12V.
  • The GX53 fitting has a bayonet connection just like the GU10 fitting but is flatter. The pins have a diameter of 5mm. You can put the pins in the holes of the plug and turn them a quarter angle and the light will work. Bulbs with the GX53 fitting are often used in flat fixtures such as ground spots or ceiling lights and are connected to 230V.
  • Furthermore, there is the G53 fitting which is connected to 12V and therefore requires a transformer. Only AR111 light sources have a G53 fitting and is mainly used in surface mounted and recessed spotlights.
  • GU4 LED lamps have an MR11 shape and the two pins are 4mm apart. They are connected to 12V where a transformer is applicable. 


LED Lamps

  • The E27 fitting with a 27mm thread is probably the most common fitting and is mainly used for most incandescent, low energy, halogen and LED lamps. 
  • The E14 fitting is smaller than the E27 fitting and is mainly used for the smaller incandescent, energy-saving, halogen and LED lamps. The thread of the E14 fitting is 14 mm.

LED Plug lamps

  • The G4 fitting is also connected to 12V light sources, so you also need a transformer. This fitting has 2 pins with a distance between them of 4mm. It is very easy to connect via plug-in through the 2 pins. The diameter of one pin is 0.7 mm. Common connections with this fitting can be found in mood lighting, desk lamps, extractor hoods and more.
  • The fitting G9 is a small lamp where small loops are connected via plug-in, these plug-in fitting with loops are 9 mm apart. Often you see that these G9 fittings are in small wall or ceiling lamps.
  • The GY6.35 fitting belongs to a capsule looking lamp and has a puncture fitting. There are 2 pins that you insert / prick into the lamp holder. You install this lamp with a transformer because it has to be connected to 12V, with the transformer you make sure there is not too much voltage on the lamp.
  • The R7s fitting is a small tube light that is suitable for compact fixtures. Many R7s fittings are used in traditional construction lamps. This kind of fitting has a base on both sides.
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