What should you pay attention to when connecting a tube?

Most of the existing fixtures are virtually ballast/VSA. When there is a magnetic ballast, there is the option to replace the LED fluorescent lamps 1:1 where you do have to remove the old starter from the fixture and replace it with the LED dummy starter. We advise you to disconnect the ballast as this is not necessary when using LED, if the ballast remains connected it will ensure that you continue to use 30% more current. This ballast will also reduce the lifespan of your LED tubes by half unless you disconnect the ballast.

Attention! Our LED tubes are not suitable for fixtures that have an electronic ballast/VSA.

It is not necessary to remove the ballast after disconnection, it may remain in place. Connect your fixture directly to the 230V mains voltage where your fixture is only connected to the mains voltage on one side.

When installing new LED tubes, it is extremely important that you take a good look at the tube before placing it in the fixture. The LED fluorescent tubes may only be mounted with the INPUT side in the fixture where the 230V mains voltage is connected to the fixture. If you place the LED fluorescent tube incorrectly in the fixture, this will cause irreversible damage and is not covered by the warranty.

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