How do I choose the right office lighting?

The right office lighting is important to encourage higher employee productivity and create a healthy working environment. Reducing fatigue and preventing physical complaints such as headaches are prevented with the right office lighting. The right brightness and colour temperature is important when choosing the right office lighting.

Advantages of LED office lighting;

  • Good for the physical condition of the employees
  • With LED you quickly save up to 70% on energy consumption compared to halogen or low-energy light bulbs.
  • LED office lighting is sustainable and reduces environmental impact

LED has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, which equates to 6250 working days of 8 hours!

Choosing LED office lighting is a healthy, sustainable but also economical choice. We have highlighted a number of products from our range that serve perfectly as office lighting.

Our LED panels are very popular as office lighting. The LED panels can be used for suspended ceilings, but can also be attached with a mounting frame or suspension system so you do not have to replace the entire ceiling. Moreover, our LED panels have a very high number of lumens per watt. Because of this, the energy consumption of the LED panels is low, but the light output is high.

The LED Ceiling lamps as office lighting are ideal to illuminate a less large office. You have the LED ceiling lights in various light colours, so you can decide for yourself what atmosphere you want in your working environment. With the large number of lumens per watt, these LED Ceiling Lights are well equipped and offer a beautiful appearance for your office.

Then there are offices that have fluorescent tubes as lighting. The old fluorescent tubes can now be replaced by our economical but bright LED tubes. You do not need an installer to replace the tubes, this is done in a jiffy.

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