How do I choose the right company hall lighting?

LED industrial lighting is important because a industrial hall is often used to prepare orders for shipment or as a production area where products are manufactured. Choosing the right lighting is important. What kind of lighting you need differs per production hall, if you have aisles with racks you need more lighting than a production hall where you only have tables for production or where consignments are prepared. At INTOLED you have LED Highbays, these are ideal for big heights up to 15 meters to illuminate.

Due to the high number of lumens per watt you have a high light output.

  • For heights between 4 and 6 meters, a LED High bay of 100 Watt is recommended.
  • For heights between 6 and 8 meters a LED High bay of 150 Watt is recommended.
  • For heights from 8 meters, a LED High bay of 200 Watt and higher is recommended. 

With us you will find high quality LED Highbays with dimmable Philips transformer in various wattages. The LED TL fixtures are ideal for indoor and outdoor use because of the high IP65 value. You can easily mount them and replace the tubes in a jiffy. The colours bought are 6000K, 6400K and 4000K because they resemble natural light the most and that is an advantage in a closed warehouse.

If TL fixtures are already present you can easily replace the old fluorescent tubes for LED tubes. Are the fittings G13 then the LED T8 tubes from INTO LED are suitable as an alternative. Replacing the old fluorescent lighting is then literally done in a flash. Do you have fixtures with a G5 fitting? Then you have to look for T5 tubes.

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