How do I choose the right catering lighting?

In the hospitality industry it is important to have the right lighting so that customers can have an optimal experience by creating the right atmosphere. The place where the lighting has to come plays an important role. If the lighting is installed in a humid or dusty room, you have to take the IP value much more into account. If there is a lot of moisture in the room then IP65 is suitable. If it is a dry environment then IP20 is suitable.

Would you like to dim your lights? Then opt for dimmable LED lighting. This way you can adjust the light intensity whenever you want. The recessed LED spotlights we offer are very suitable in the hospitality industry to create atmosphere and have enough light output. There are recessed LED spotlights in different colour temperatures that can also be dimmed.

LED filament bulbs are a popular choice in the hospitality industry because of their warm appearance. So you can make good use of these lamps to create atmosphere in dark spaces. Traditional incandescent lamps use too much power compared to LED incandescent lamps. The sensible choice is to switch from traditional incandescent lamps to LED incandescent lamps that create the same warm atmosphere and use even less energy.

If you are active in the hospitality industry, you also have to deal with themes such as seasonal promotions. When you have the INTOLED light hoses you can put them on when a certain theme is needed and create a nice atmosphere. With the RGBW LED light tube you can still adjust the colour and brightness while you can only turn the other LED light hoses on and off.

LED Lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting that also apply to the hospitality industry:

  • Safe: LED is many times safer than old lighting
  • Cheap: LED uses up to 10x less energy than old lighting
  • Durable: LED has a lifespan that is up to 50x longer than other lights
  • Atmospheric: LED catering lighting is now also available in atmospheric versions.

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