How do I choose the right industrial lighting?

Choosing the right LED industrial lighting is not easy, but we help you by introducing the different types of lighting. LED High bays as industrial lighting are extremely suitable. Due to the high number of Lumens per Watt you have a high light output.

  • For heights between 4 and 6 meters, a LED High bay of 100 watts.
  • For heights between 6 and 8 meters is a LED High bay of 150 Watts 
  • For heights from 8 meters is a LED High bay of 200 watts and higher

With us you will find high quality LED High bays with Meanwell transformer or dimmable Philips transformer in various wattages. The LED construction lamps are better known as wide-beam or floodlights, our LED construction lights are powerful and can illuminate large spaces. Ideal for industrial halls to illuminate large spaces.

The LED construction lights are used not only in large spaces but also to illuminate sports fields, garages or car parks. These LED construction lights also have a minimum IP65, which means that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, some of our LED construction lamps are equipped with motion sensors so this is ideal for an area you want to secure.

If you already have many or enough TL fixtures available in your industrial hall, we recommend replacing the old fluorescent tubes with LED T8 tubes that provide the same amount of light output with low energy consumption. You can easily install the new LED tubes in no time at all without the help of an installer.

If you don't have LED TL fixtures yet you can use the LED TL fixtures of INTOLED which all have IP65 value. They are moisture and dust resistant and can also be used outdoors.

We also have LED Street Lighting for industrial halls. These are lamps that are ideal for the loading and unloading dock for trucks. These are very powerful lamps with lots of light output, high Lumen per Watt.

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