How do I choose the right warehouse lighting?

A warehouse needs lighting that ensures that the stock stored there can be properly illuminated. LED lighting is ideally suited to illuminate the warehouse properly and to create a healthy working environment. Suitable LED warehouse lighting are LED High bays, TL fixtures and T8 TL tubes. LED High bays are suitable as lighting in the warehouse because of the high number of Lumens per Watt, you can illuminate even the highest areas with sufficient light output.

  • For heights between 4 and 6 meters, a LED High bay of 100 Watts.
  • For heights between 6 and 8 meters is a LED High bay of 150 Watts
  • For heights from 8 meters is a LED High bay of 200 Watts and higher

With us you will find high quality LED High bays with dimmable Philips transformer in various wattages. Some advantages of proper LED warehouse lighting are:

  • Sustainable; less energy consumption, lower emissions and smaller CO2 footprint
  • Economical; less energy consumption, longer service life
  • Healthy; less headache, fatigue and better concentration
  • Errors; fewer mistakes are made by employees
  • Safe; less risk of accidents due to poor visibility
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