How do I choose the right school lighting?

The right lighting makes it possible to improve people's performance. In old school buildings there is still a lot of use of old fluorescent tubes and halogen lamps. More and more schools are making the switch to LED lighting, some results of various studies indicate that by using the right LED lighting;

  • Reading speed increases by 35%
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces the number of errors by 45%
  • Reduces hyperactivity by up to 76%

When choosing the right LED school lighting, it is therefore important that you have the right colour temperature. For good concentration and higher performance, we recommend a colour temperature starting at 4000K, which are lights that are whiter and brighter. If you want a slightly more cozy colour for recreational areas, we recommend going for 3000K. But keep in mind if there is enough daylight in those areas.

At INTOLED you can choose from different types of LED school lighting. LED panels as school lighting are extremely suitable because of the high number of lumens per watt. Lots of light output with low energy consumption. The LED panels can be used for suspended ceilings, but can also be mounted with a frame or suspension system so that you do not have to replace the entire ceiling.

When there are a lot of TL fixtures in the school building, it is wise to replace these old TL fixtures for LED T8 TL tubes. The T8 TL from INTOLED are ideal replacements for tube fluorescent lighting with G13 fitting. Replacing TL tubes for durable and flicker-free T8 lamps is done in no time without an installer, so the students and teachers are not bothered by this.

LED downlights are very suitable for school buildings. These LED downlights have a low recessed depth of no less than 32mm, so you can easily incorporate them into ceilings with a low recessed depth. They are often placed in canteens, the auditorium and at the lockers of a school.

By implementing LED school lighting there are a number of advantages such as;

  • Energy saving & CO2 reduction of up to 65%
  • Higher savings are possible with "Smart light".
  • Longer lifespan than halogen lighting
  • Improving concentration of pupils and teachers
  • LED does not contain any harmful substances
  • Health benefits of LED reduce absenteeism due to illness

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