What does Lumen and Lux mean?

What are Lumen?
Lumen is the expression of the amount of light that a lamp emits. Usually it is expressed by the abbreviation of lumen "lm" with a number in front of it. The higher the number of lumens, the more light the lamp emits. It is a common misconception that lamps with a higher number of wattages provide more light output, it is not the case that a higher wattage provides more light output. If you want a lot of light output, it is better to choose a lamp with a high lumen value.

In order to save energy and have lots of light output, we recommend you to purchase lamps with a high lumen value and low wattage.

What is Lux?
Lux means "light" in Latin and is the amount of light in one place. Lux is used in its value as a measure of the amount of light per square meter. 1 lux equals 1 lumen per square meter. For example the same lamp is used in a toilet of 1 square meter and in a sports hall, you can clearly see that the toilet of 1 square meter has much more lux value. Below you will find some general lux values:

  • Sunlight 100,000
  • Daylight 15,000
  • Cloudy day 1,000
  • Dark day 100
  • Full moon 0.1
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