Who are the people at INTOLED?
Since a few years INTOLED has grown from a young and dynamic company to the online specialist in the field of high quality LED lighting. INTOLED consists of a young and driven team with expertise in the field of LED lighting. Our network consists of LED manufacturers who strive for quality, we work closely together with our LED manufacturers.

What does INTOLED do?
INTOLED offers you the best possible quality LED lighting at competitive prices. We make sure that we can help our private and business customers with enough information and advice on how to buy LED lighting. INTOLED only sells LED lighting online so we don't have to settle other high costs of a retail property with the prices. Because we exclude this kind of expensive overhead costs, you as a customer can benefit from the sharpest prices.

To serve you even better, we offer lighting plans for shops, offices, hotels, factory buildings, garages, housing, restaurants and warehouses. We specialise in the design of these types of lighting plans and give you honest advice and, if necessary, guidance on a lighting project.

Wat do we sell?
INTOLED sells all types of LED lighting for outdoor use, indoor use, LED downlights, LED bulbs, LED accessories and more. We would like to help you when you want to buy LED lighting, you can contact us by mail info@into-led.com and we will give you advice with your purchase decision.

If you are planning to illuminate a large space with LED lighting then you can also contact us. With our expertise we can help you choose the right LED lighting by making a custom made lighting plan. We calculate which LED lighting and how much light output you need. This calculation is ideal if you don't know which lighting and where to install the lighting, by our calculation we can help you make the right purchase and that you won't be surprised afterwards when you receive your LED lighting. If you are interested in a tailor made lighting plan you can ask us about the possibilities.

Who are the customers of INTOLED?
INTOLED sells LED lighting to private customers as well as to business customers and LED resellers. INTOLED is a wholesaler and we have a wide variety of LED lighting such as LED indoor and outdoor lighting, LED hospitality lighting, LED retail lighting, LED downlights, LED lamps, LED panels and LED accessories. If you are a business buyer or LED reseller and want to buy large quantities of LED lighting, we will make sure that you will receive the desired products at a competitive price within a few working days.

INTOLED has a large stock and we have an international network of LED manufacturers so that we can always offer the desired product quantities with the best price/quality ratio. If you want to purchase a large number of products for a project you can ask us for a special project price via info@into-led.com.

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