What are the advantages of LED lighting?

When replacing traditional lighting to LED lighting there are many advantages. When buying and using LED lighting you will immediately notice that you save energy enormously. The amount of energy you can save is different for each LED light source, you also have to make less costs to replace the LED lamps because LED lamps have a high lifespan.

It is also positive for the environment. LED lighting does not waste light, if you look at the traditional fluorescent tubes you can see that they generate 360 degrees of light and also shine to the ceiling. With LED tubes there is 160 degrees of light shining down which ensures optimal light usage. When the LED tube comes to the end of its luminous hours, it is also easy to recycle.

LED lighting is slightly more expensive than conventional lighting when purchased, this is a wise choice compared to replacing conventional lighting. LED lighting lasts much longer due to its quality and has longer operating hours.

As time goes by, LED lighting retains its light intensity and colour while traditional lighting loses its light intensity over time.

LED lighting itself is easy to assemble and replace. You can easily replace the traditional lighting itself with LED lighting in no time without a real need for an installer. With our products we also provide instructions on how best to install the LED lights.

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