What is the best way to install garden lighting?

When installing garden lighting you should take into account a number of important points such as IP value, how much rain/moisture is put on the lighting. It is also important that the electricity grid is laid properly.

It is an important factor to take into account where you want to place the garden lights. If you are going to place your lighting under a canopy, then lighting with IP44 is suitable. If you place the lighting where a lot of moisture and precipitation ends up on the lighting then IP65 is suitable. Do not choose garden lighting with IP20, this is not water and dust resistant.

If you are going to place garden lights in the garden, make sure that the lighting is always on a flat or higher surface. Make sure that the lamp does not end up in a hole where water can easily cover the lamp.

Another important point is that you want to dispose of cable connections underground, for this you need cabling that is resistant to moisture. To connect cables we have IP68 cable connectors that are extremely resistant to moisture.

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