Choosing the right light colour, how do I do that?

There are different lights in categories divided under warm white, neutral white and daylight white. A light bulb with a colour temperature between 2000K and 3000K gives a warm white colour. This colour temperature creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere, ideal for the living room or bedroom. It is also a commonly used colour temperature with LED panels in shop lighting.

The light colour neutral white is between 3100K and 4500K and is a more bright and vivid colour. This kind of colour is used more in offices, the neutral white colour is experienced as an ideal sweet spot between on the one hand too warm and on the other hand too intense blue.

We also have the daylight white category of lamps that fall between 4600K and 6500K. This colour temperature helps you concentrate better and keeps you alert. It is best used in workspaces or as counter lighting where no or minimal daylight enters.

For more information on choosing the right light colour, we recommend that you use our Light Colour Selection Guide.

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