How do I choose the right practice lighting?

Lighting plays an important role in the practice. If you have the right LED practice lighting then you save energy and have the right lighting. For example in a dental practice, in the waiting room there is a need for different kind of lighting than in the treatment room.

In the waiting room you want to create a friendly and familiar atmosphere for the customers, in the treatment room you prefer a light colour that helps to minimize the risk of errors than you choose a different number of lumens or colour temperature. You determine this colour on the colour temperature of the light. The lower the number of Kelvin (K), the warmer the atmosphere and light colour. So in a waiting room or room where you want to make people feel at ease, you will have to look for lighting with a low number of Kelvin, while for lighting in the treatment room you will have to look for lighting with a high number of Kelvin.

In addition, it is important that you include other factors that influence the patient's or client's experience. In the past, a lot of use was made of fluorescent fixtures in combination with mirror optics. This ensures that you get an annoying reflection in a treatment chair. LED Panels with a high light output are therefore finer and prevent this annoying reflection.

The LED T8 fluorescent tubes are useful if you already have TL fixtures, you can replace the old TL tubes in no time by LED T8 tubes. At INTOLED you will find LED TL in the T8 version, which replaces old tubes with a G13 fitting.

We also have the LED downlights in our range that are ideal for practical use when there is little installation depth. The light colour you need depends on the room where the LED Downlights need to be installed. In a treatment room more than 6000K is suitable, in a waiting room there is enough 3000K.

Placing LED lighting in a practice has many advantages. We list the most important advantages:

  • Consumes less energy & reduces CO2 emissions by up to 65%
  • Long lifespan of lighting
  • Improvement of concentration
  • LED does not contain any harmful substances
  • LED has several health benefits

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