Types of workplace lighting

There are various types of lighting for the workshop. It is important to have good lighting, many workshops are equipped with traditional TL lighting for example. With the rise of LED lighting, companies can provide their workshops with as much or more light for lower energy consumption.

You can find the LED high-bays, LED construction lamps and LED fluorescent tubes in our webshop, which are extremely suitable for workshops. Fluorescent tubes are usually used because they produce a lot of light output. We now have LED fluorescent tubes that can replace the traditional fluorescent tubes, you then have the same amount of lumen with less wattage so a lower energy consumption. For humid rooms we offer LED fluorescent tubes with IP65 fixture, this means that they are dust- as well as water resistant.

The LED construction lamps are better known as wide beams or floodlights, our LED construction lamps are powerful and can illuminate large spaces. The LED construction lamps are not only used in large spaces but also to illuminate sports fields, garages or parking lots. What is useful is that the LED construction lamps do not heat up. This is useful for the work floor. These LED construction lamps also have a minimum IP65, which means that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, some of our LED construction lamps are equipped with motion sensors, so this is ideal for an area you want to secure.

Further in our assortment we have LED high bay lighting, this is suitable for warehouses or factory halls with a ceiling from 4 meters and higher. These LED high bay lights use up to 65% less energy than gas discharge lamps and you also save on replacement costs because these LED high bay lights have no less than 50,000 hours of operation. Our LED high bays have an IP65 value and a colour temperature of 6400K, this is ideal in workshops with little natural light and better concentration is possible because of the right colour temperature.

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