What are Watt & Lumen, and how much do I need?

  • Lumen

Lumen is a term that indicates how much brightness a light source produces, it can be recognised by the symbol "lm".  In the past, people looked at how many watts and light output, the more watts the more light output. Now, with LED LED lighting requires less wattage and you can have the same amount of light output or more. have. For example, you can have a 5 watt LED bulb that is just as bright as a 50 watt light bulb of 50 Watts. 

Unlike incandescent lamps, LED lamps produce little or no heat. LED lamps also have a much longer service life. You don't have to miss out on the cosy appearance of an old-fashioned light bulb, at INTOLED we have recently come up with the perfect solution: the LED filament lamp. It is an energy-efficient LED lamp with many lumens, which looks like an old-fashioned light bulb. 

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  • Wattage

The wattage means the consumption of the lamp, which has a nice correlation with LED lighting. this has a nice correlation. LED lamps require a lower wattage and can produce many lumens in contrast to halogen and incandescent lamps.

  • How many lumens do you need?

Use the values below as an estimate of the number of lumens you need for each room in your home;

Room Number of lumens required
Kitchen 300-600 Lumen
Kitchen tabletop 700-800 Lumen
Living room 400-500 Lumen
Hallway 300 Lumen
Bedroom 300-400 Lumen
Bathroom 500-600 Lumen
Wash-basin bathroom 700-800 Lumen
Reading room 400 Lumen

For some areas you need more light, such as in shops, hairdressers or a supermarket. For this business market we have a range of Pro High Lumen LED panels. A++ energy label due to the low consumption and 3,600 lumens of light. For your current fluorescent tubes we have TL LED tubes that you can easily replace yourself, they fit in the current fixture so no installer is needed. The number of lumens is from 850 to 7,000 lumens.

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