What about the subsidy for LED lighting?

If you as a company are going to invest in energy efficient techniques such as LED lighting or if you have already invested in them, you can use the EIA (Energy Investment Deduction) as a subsidy. You also have the KIA (Small-scale Investment Deduction) and the subsidy scheme for sports clubs and foundations. The EIA applies to clearly defined investments that yield substantial energy savings, for which you can deduct 45% of the investment costs from the taxable profit. The minimum investment to qualify for the EIA is €2,500.

If you want to know if you can apply for the EIA you have to meet certain conditions which can be found via this link.

The amount of the KIA depends on the amount invested in the financial year. The subsidy percentage is 35% for stimulating the construction and maintenance of sports facilities. You can receive the EIA and KIA if you make the right energy efficient investments. For the energy list 2020 you can look at the following link.

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