Why does the LED lighting flicker?

LED lighting flickers because of the alternating current, if the LED lighting has a driver connected then the driver will make sure that the alternating current is converted to direct current. Direct current ensures that there are no changes in power supply affecting the LED lighting. LED lighting can flicker when the power supply is not constant. If you don't have a driver, it can be useful to install it to prevent flickering LED lights.

It is also possible that you have connected the wrong dimmer to the LED lighting so that the dimmer does not show the desired result when dimming the LED lighting. If the number of Watts of the LED light is not within the minimum and maximum capacity of the driver, this LED light will blink.

Another cause is that the driver is defective. This is possible due to overheating or physical damage. If your LED bulb has an internal driver, you will need to replace the entire bulb if the driver is defective. If your LED bulb has an external driver you only need to replace the driver.

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