How do you pair your Homeylux smart lighting?

Have you bought a new Homeylux smart product? Great, then you're ready to take your first steps in creating a smart home. Once you've installed the Homeylux App on your smartphone and registered an account, the next step is to add your Homeylux product to the app. Follow the steps below and you'll be ready to operate your smart lamp in no time.

  •  Turn on your WIFI, on 2.4 GHz network

The Homeylux smart products are linked to the Homeylux App via your WIFI network. We advise you to sit as close as possible (within 2 meters) to your router for this process. The first step is to enable your WIFI, on a 2.4GHz network.

  •  Open the Homeylux App on your phone

Then click Add Device to add a smart device. You can manually add a device by clicking on the appropriate category. In the case of a smart lamp, click Lighting. Then select the smart light you want to add.

  •  Turn on your smart light

Connect your smart light bulb to the mains, and then turn your light bulb on and off 3 times until your smart light starts blinking rapidly. Click on Confirm indicator rapidly blink when your smart light starts flashing fast. Then click Confirm.

  • Fill in your WIFI data

Again, make sure your WIFI network is at 2.4GHz. Only this one will be supported. Then select the correct WIFI network and enter the WIFI password. Then click Confirm.

  • Your lamp is paired

On the next screen you'll see your smart light unit. Click on it, and fill in a name for your smart lamp. This could be the room where you are going to mount the lamp, such as the kitchen. Then click on Done.

  • Ready to use

You've successfully connected your smart light! Now it's time to set the colour temperature from warm to cool light, determine the light intensity by dimming the lamps if necessary, and determine the light colours (there are 16 million of them!) Do you want to know all the ins-and-outs about the functions of your smart lights? Watch the video instruction How to use your smart lightwith the Homeylux App?

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