How do you add family members?

When you and your family live in a house, you want everyone to be able to use the smart features on the Homeylux App. To do this, you can add family members on the app. The video will show you the steps you need to take to add a family member. This way everyone can enjoy it!

  • Your family member downloads the Homeylux App

Make sure your family members have installed the Homeylux App on their phones, and have registered an account. To find out how to do this, you can watch the video tutorial How to set up your free Homeylux Mobile App?

  • Open the Homeylux App yourself

Open the Homeylux App on your smartphone and click on Me. Click on Home management and then click on the desired home profile. You will be taken to a screen which says Home Settings. Under Home member you will see your own profile, and below that you will see Add Member. When you click on this you will see a share pop-up at the bottom. Click on the Homeylux logo with App account

  • Add a family member

Enter the name of the family member. In Account you enter the email address or phone number the family member used to register for the app. Then press Save.

  • The family member accepts the invitation

The family member receives an invitation which they have to accept in order to be part of the family group you have created. Once they have accepted the invitation, you can give the family member a family role.

  • The family member has been added!

Now your father, mother, daughter, son, sister or brother can also use the smart products linked to the Homeylux App.

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