I can not link any Smart/WiFi products in the app, it does not work. What am I doing wrong?

I have a problem connecting multiple Wifi devices

It can happen due to various factors that connecting a Wifi device does not run smoothly and sometimes fails. In this article we explain step by step how you can investigate and solve this problem.

The following causes may occur:

  • The router cannot create enough DHCP addresses due to the amount of WiFi devices already connected to the network.
  • Insufficient internet speed
  • No or poor coverage

DHCP Addresses

A common problem with the standard routers supplied by internet and telephony providers is limited by default to 32 DHCP addresses. Every WiFi device you try to connect via WiFi on your router will get a DHCP address, so if you have a large number of devices on WiFi and you want to add multiple smart home WiFi devices to this, this can cause problems. 

You can adjust this manually in your router. To access your router go to or in your internet browser and get a login screen with a username and password that you received from your internet provider. If this is unchanged, it will also appear on a sticker on your router. After this you go to the advanced settings of your router and increase the number of DHCP addresses to 200. This allows you to log in multiple WiFi products on your router. If this does not work, you can always contact your internet provider for further assistance.

Internet speed

Internet speed also determines the operation of multiple WiFi products at the same time. Each WiFi product also consumes a certain amount of Mbit/s. It is therefore important to look at a larger number of WiFi devices on your network to see how many Mbit/s you need so that you have enough internet speed for all your devices to function properly. If you only have a 50 Mbit/s subscription and all your devices consume more than 50 Mbit/s when switched on, then various WiFi devices will suddenly not work properly or will even stop responding. You can find this out by logging into your router and looking at your connected devices that are connected via WiFi, also indicating per device how much Mbit/s is being used. So if you run into a limit here, it is wise to increase your internet subscription so that you have more Mbit/s to control all your WiFi devices. Buying a WiFi amplifier makes little or no sense as it only amplifies the WiFi signal from the router. With a WiFi amplifier you will not solve the problem with the number of DHCP addresses. 

No or poor access

The range of your WiFi device can also be a problem for connecting multiple devices, making them work less well, so always make sure you provide better reception in places with poorer reception. We always advise you to buy a second router, because this ensures that you have a better reception but also that you can connect multiple WiFi devices from that router. 


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