Useful facts about the panel heater! SKU: 8664 and 8663

Panel heater with display function // SKU:8664, 8663


  • Standard consumption is 2000 Watt per hour, you can adjust the wattage to 1000 Watt or 2000 Watt via the display and the rotary knob
  • By using the controls on the display screen, you can set the desired temperature between 15°C ~ 35°C, but you can also use a timer function or set different modes according to your needs
  • Plug&Play system, the stove is supplied with 1.5 metre cable
  • With an IP24 rating, the panel heater is resistant to splash water, making it suitable for use in a bathroom, attic or garage, for example. But also suitable for a living room or bedroom
  • For added convenience, this panel heater has wheels, allowing you to place it anywhere you like
  • The electric heater switches itself off when it overheats as an extra safety measure, which makes it suitable in the presence of children or if you forget to switch the panel off


Attached is the manual of the panel heater

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