The hidden features of the floor lamp Aurora

Is your remote control not directly connected to the corner lamp? Apart from the fact that this is very annoying, installing the remote control is not difficult at all!

You just need to know how to do it! Are you experiencing problems connecting the remote control of your Aurora Corner Lamp? In the video below, Gijs will explain this and we will look at some hidden features!

In this short video Gijs explains how to install the Aurora corner lamp super simple, how to install the remote control, how to reset the control and more.

Steps for connecting the remote control

  1. Always check that the batteries are in the remote control first.
  2. You can teach the remote control to the corner lamp by pressing the yellow button at the bottom of the the colour wheel for 5 seconds.
  3. Then the floor lamp will blink a few times and the remote control is connected to the corner lamp! Super!

Steps for disconnecting the remote control
Have you linked several remote controls but want to disconnect one of them?

  1. Press the blue button at the top of the colour wheel for 5 seconds.
  2. The Aurora floor lamp will then blink a few times and then the remote control is disconnected.

Steps for linking all remote controls

  1. Press 5 seconds on the yellow button at the top of the colour wheel on the paired remote control.
  2. Every remote control, except the one for your TV of course, is now linked to the Aurora floor lamp. What a Magic!

Steps for resetting the remote control

  1. First, click on the on/off button to turn the lamp off.
  2. When the lamp turns off, you can press the "a" button at the top of the remote control for 5 seconds.
  3. Then you can click on B+ at the bottom of the remote control until the order of the LED colours on the LED strip is red, green and blue (RGB).
  4. Then you can click the power button again to save the settings.





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