What should you pay attention to when buying garden lighting?

Garden lighting is hugely popular and especially in the spring, people buy in bulk, but what exactly should you look for?

We have various types of garden lighting in our range. Think about this: Prick lights, ground lights, wall lights and porch lights. Each type is unique and can be applied in its own way. However, there are still some things to consider when buying your garden lighting. So let's start with 4 tips on what to look out for when buying your garden lighting.

Tips on buying garden lighting:

  • The IP values indicate the degree of protection against dust and moisture.
    In any case, make sure that your garden lighting has an IP Value of IP44 or higher.
  • Excellent quality!
    When buying your garden lighting, make sure that it is made of aluminium or stainless steel. This will protect the garden lighting from rust in any case.
  • The purpose of your garden lighting.
    When installing your lighting, it is wise not to lose sight of the goal. For example, do you want to illuminate a particular object? Or do you want a wide range of light?
  • The right light colour for a perfect atmosphere!
    It is very important to pay attention to the right Kelvin values. We will explain more about colour values in this video, but the basis is that a Kelvin value of 2700K emits a warm white colour, so more towards the sunny yellow tint and a value from 6000K onwards really imitates daylight white. So if you want a nice atmosphere, go for a lower Kelvin value. If the lighting is intended for safety, it is better to choose a higher Kelvin value.

INTO-LED offers a wide range of garden lights. From wall lights to Garden Spikes, each suitable for every garden and with our tips you are guaranteed to make the perfect choice for your garden lighting! Take a look at our large selection on our website or watch this video if you want to save a lot of energy on your lighting!

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