Garden spikes, how and why?

Do you want to get your garden ready for the summer? Or just expand it with new lighting?

Why Garden spikes?

By choosing garden spikes you make your garden a lot more atmospheric and personal. If you want more atmosphere in your garden, not only during the day but also in the evening, then spotlights are a good choice. The colour of a spotlight is usually less important than the colour of the light it emits. If you wish to illuminate a certain object, for example, it is better to use a spotlight with a small beam angle.
Do you want the spotlight to illuminate a fence? Then it is best to go for a larger beam angle.

The spotlights in our range are made from stainless steel or aluminium. This, in combination with
the high IP value, makes them very suitable for outdoor use. In addition, they are available in various colours.

The light colour of our spotlights varies between 2700K and 6500K+ RGB. The great advantage of this is that the spotlights can be used very flexibly. In addition to the electric spots with warm white and cool white light colours, we also have smart electric spots available that can be controlled via the Homeylux app. You can combine warm white, neutral white, daylight white and up to 16 million different colours! 

In addition to the smart spotlights, we now also have solar lamps available! These are torches that create a beautiful atmosphere because of their real flame effect! They are charged by solar energy so you don't have to bother with cables in your garden!

Important for the installation!

When installing the spotlights, it is important that you choose a draining surface. In our blog you can read how best to go about the installation. This way, your spotlight will not fill up with water. 

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If you would like to place the bollard lights along the path of your garden, it is best to go for a warm white colour. Our Renzo spotlights are perfectly suited for this! With a Kelvin value of 3000K these spotlights give a warm white light colour, the perfect choice for your garden! Would you rather light up a waterfall or a hedge? Then it is best to go for a spotlight with a more white light colour of 4000K and above. These are suitable for lighting a waterfall, making the effect even more beautiful!

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