Our range of LED wall lights

Do you want to get your garden ready for the summer? Or just expand it with new lighting?

A wall lamp is our most popular outdoor lighting, but it can certainly be placed indoors as well. Please note that the wall lights for outdoor use must have a minimum IP Value of IP44. In this way, the wall lights are optimally protected against splashing water. 

Different types of wall lights:

At Into-led, you can choose modern or classic wall lights. In addition, we also have wall lights that have various sensors, which means that the lighting switches on when there is a change in the environment. You can think of movement sensors, but also a twilight switch or daylight sensors. Please check the IP-value of these sensors beforehand, because they are not always resistant to moisture.

Within our range of wall lights, we have various types and sizes available. Very popular is our Kansas cube wall light. The Kansas wall light is one of the few wall lights that, in addition to its high IP rating, is also dimmable. 

Most wall lights in our range have a low Kelvin value and therefore emit a warm colour, as they are primarily known for creating atmosphere. A low Kelvin value is therefore very suitable! 

In addition, our wall lights can illuminate single-sided, double-sided or even 4-sided. This Austin wall light for instance illuminates on 4 sides, with a beam angle of 130° and this creates, as you can see here, a unique texture on your wall! The Kansas has a double-sided illumination, where the beam angle can be adjusted by yourself, and the Mason has a single-sided illumination as well. These lamps all have a Kelvin value of 3000K, which provides a warm atmosphere in your garden.

Are you still looking for a wall lamp with a neutral white colour? Then take a look at our smart collection of wall lamps. These wall lights can be used with the Homeylux app and can therefore besides a high variation of white colours also handle 16.5 million RGB colours. 

Most of the wall lights are available in black, white, grey and stainless steel and are made of aluminium so they can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Before purchasing your wall light, make sure that it is supplied with a light source. We also sell wall lights without light source.

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