What to watch out for when buying ground lights & installing them

Ground spots are ideal for use in your garden as mood lighting. In addition, you can also use ground lights for driveway lighting, facade lighting, spotlight lighting or edging. There are a number of other aspects that you can take into account when purchasing such a ground spot.

What exactly do you need to consider when buying ground spots?

  • IP Value
    The IP values of our ground spots vary between IP44 and IP67. Keep this in mind when deciding where to place your groundspots. In this video, we take a closer look at the IP-values.

    Water is the greatest enemy of ground spots. When installing your ground spot, it is important that the drainage is in good order. A gravel layer of 30-40 cm must be laid under the ground spot. Are you not doing this? Then you might as well put the ground spot in a bucket of water. The gravel layer will prevent water from entering the ground spot, because the water will be able to escape.
  • Colour choice
    The ground spots in our range have the following colours: white, grey, black and stainless steel. In addition, each ground source has an aluminium housing that protects the ground source from corrosion.
  • Beam angle
    Do you want to use the ground lights as spotlights to illuminate a tree or a facade, for example? Then pay close attention to the beam angle. A wide beam angle is more suitable for a wall, while a small beam angle is suitable for a smaller object. Do you want to light a hedge, for instance? Then choose this Donnie ground spot. With a beam angle of 60 degrees, this ground source is very suitable for this purpose.
  • Light colour
    Do you still prefer a brighter light colour? Then go for this Ramsay ground spot. We have these ground spots available in a light colour of 4000K and 6000K, which therefore emit neutral and daylight white. Ideal for more functional applications, for example along the driveway or in the garage.
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