Winter solar garden spotlight from INTOLED | Burns all year round

Solar spotlights that are fully charged even in winter. The spotlights are equipped with a solar panel with single crystals. Single crystals have the property that they convert light into electricity up to 30% faster. This not only ensures that the spotlights are charged very quickly, but also that they can be fully charged even in winter. We call this winter solar. All solar floodlights are equipped with a large lithium battery and super-efficient LEDS. This gives the lamps a burning time of up to 12 hours on one battery charge.

Solar lamps are very popular because with these lamps you don't need to lay any additional power cables! Of course, this saves a lot of work!

How does solar lighting work? 

Who thinks that solar lighting only charges when the sun shines, is wrong! A solar lamp is a lamp that charges itself with solar energy. The lamp stores this energy in a battery and with the generated energy it can also burn in the dark. This means that the solar lamp also charges when it is cloudy or rainy.

How long does solar lighting last? 

The new solar lamps in our assortment have an average charging time of 4-6 hours, during which the energy is stored in the lamp. Depending on the light output you set the solar lamp to, this gives you an average battery life of 6 to even 12 hours!

The battery life depends on the mode that you set your solar lamp to. The Odessa, Reno and the Bend can be set to different modes in addition to these 2 solar lamps with motion sensor and external solar panel. Ideal if you want to use your solar lamp in different ways. 

This Odessa solar lamp is the powerhouse among the solar lamps and if we take it as an example, we see that we can set the Odessa on 2 positions.

The first setting gives an atmospheric light with a luminosity of 300 lumens. This is ideal to use in more atmospheric ways or to illuminate a smaller shrub.

The second setting has a higher light output of 600 lumens. This is ideal if you want to illuminate a larger tree in your garden, for example.

Latest technology!

Winter solar. Our solar spotlights are equipped with the latest technology in the field of solar panels and feature a Mono-crystal solar panel!

This ensures that the conversion rate of solar energy into electricity is 30% faster than other solar lighting! The solar lamp also detects how much sun it needs to charge itself.

A solar lamp has to endure quite some weather conditions. Fortunately, our solar lamps have an IP value of IP65. This means that they are splash water and dust resistant. Ideal for the garden!

Besides these solar lamps, we also have the Bend Duo and the Bend PIR.

The Bend Duo are 2 spotlights that are connected to an external solar panel. In this way, you can also place the spots where they would not catch any sunlight and the solar panel can be placed separately in the light.

We also have the Bend PIR, which is equipped with a motion sensor. This sensor has a range of no less than 8 metres. This is ideal, for example, if you drive up your driveway in the dark. The lamp reacts to movement and switches on automatically. Handy to know... The motion sensor works in both light modes!

The Reno and Bend solar lamps feature a 180-degree tiltable solar panel! This allows you to turn the solar panel in any direction, so that it picks up the sun in the right way.

Another useful thing to consider when buying your solar lamp is whether the product comes with extra mounting material. 

This Reno solar lamp, for example, is delivered with screws and plugs. This allows you to easily mount the solar lamp on your fence, wall or above the garage door.

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